Wayne Nelson



After a Chicago band named Koala (!) split up, Wayne moved to LA in 1978 where he joined Jim Messina’s band. Messina and Little River Band toured together in ’79. LRB asked Nelson to join for their next tour of Australia, Europe, and America. 30 years later, Nelson has seen many musicians and singers come in and out of the LRB family. His view on all those lineup changes…”In all these years with LRB, I’ve sung, played, and rearranged our music with many different lineups, each with a different interpretation and style. This group of guys is unique in that we all cut our teeth on the same types of music when we were young. We have the utmost respect for the history of the band, and for what Little River Band songs mean to our fans…but we always look for a way to bring something new to the stage. We have fun exploring new ways to deliver the songs – recognizable and powerful, with new twists that will delight those fans who like to listen deep and analyze…